Saturday, 16 October 2010

A small experiment

The general consensus seems to be that if marketing annoys you don't buy the product. Pretty straight forward you'd have thought. But I remember reading on Zak Avery's blog that when it comes to Brewdog resistance is useless.

So I decided to test this hypothesis when I was in Sainsbury's:


The evidence is that Brewdog can in fact be resisted, so it's no more Punk IPA for me until the stupid tags have gone.


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  2. Incidentally, it's funny that brewdog is on the floor, but you picked Bengal Lancer right off the "eyeline".

  3. I think the tags are amusing. Cutting off your nose to spite your face department here.

  4. Not realy, I've got so much beer in stock that not buying any Punk IPA for a while is only for the best.

  5. Right on Ed. It's not as if Punk Hype is actually all that good. It's OK, but there's plenty at least as nice.